Our Packaging

We make our own card sleeves for the wax bars which are recyclable and biodegradable.

Glass jars can be recycled or returned to us for re-use and we will give a 5% discount code for any empty jars returned to us.

Candle tins are recyclable.

*Room Spray glass bottles are recyclable, as are the plastic triggers - however we will offer you 10% discount on your next order when you return the spray bottle to us in good condition for re-use! - This is the ONLY product which has plastic parts - as we cannot find an alternative anywhere - if you know of an alternative please let us know!!

We use cardboard boxes for large postal orders and biodegradable packing tape. The packing peanuts and shredded paper we use are biodegradable and we are constantly researching how we can improve our products to make them more eco friendly. 

Local deliveries are hand delivered by us in recyclable paper bags and we deliver on foot whenever possible. 

We source our products from the UK where possible to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. 

It is is very important that you dispose of used products containing fragrance correctly. You must not pour any melted wax or fragrance oils down drains as the fragrances cause harm to aquatic life (and block up your drains/pipes). It is best to soak up the hot wax (carefully) using cotton wool and then placing in your general waste bin. Or by letting the wax cool down and garden and then scraping it out with a spoon or something which won’t damage your burner.  

We’re always open to suggestions on how we can improve our green credentials so if you have any suggestions please email us at: kingsheathwaxco@gmail.com